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1. The cleaning machine mainly uses high-pressure spraying as the main cleaning method, with hot water at around 80 ° C as the main cleaning force.


2. The equipment consists of a hot alkaline water spray section, a disinfectant water spray section, a drying section, etc. The disinfectant water spray section and the drying section can be determined according to customer requirements.


3. After manually adjusting the concentration, the disinfectant in the disinfection water tank is added dropwise. The alkali water tank is equipped with steam heating tubes and electric heating tubes respectively; The water temperature inside the two water tanks is automatically controlled, and the room temperature is set to 80 ° C.


4. Each circulating water tank adopts a horizontal stainless steel centrifugal pump for circulating spray, from top to bottom. Spray and wash the basket simultaneously in both left and right directions; Each water tank is designed with two filtration devices for easy cleaning of dirt at any time; Each water tank is equipped with a separate sewage cleaning valve, which is cut off and discharged.


Spray cleaning machines come in various forms and are widely used in the manufacturing industry. Spray cleaning machine is a very practical mechanical equipment, which includes the following characteristics:


1. Widely used in jewelry, watches, case polishing wax and dirt, electronic parts and electronics. Solder on computer circuit boards. Rosin, oil on precision equipment;



2. Production and maintenance of aviation and railway systems, high-precision ultrasonic cleaning of gears, crankshafts, gearboxes, oil pump and nozzle accessories, bearings, brakes, fuel filters, shock absorbers, and other automotive and motorcycle manufacturing industries;


3. Ultrasonic cleaning before packaging precision molds, lighting, locks, cutting tools, tableware, and other finished hardware products;


4. Light industries such as air conditioning, refrigerators, compressors in refrigerators, precision textile grilles, nozzles, and jewelry in the jewelry industry. Ultrasonic cleaning for surface treatment industries such as electroplating pretreatment of mechanical hardware parts and non-metallic chassis coatings;


5. Clean precision copper parts, zinc aluminum alloy parts, and hardware parts with high cleanliness requirements;


6. Especially suitable for injection molded parts of clocks and watches, coated injection molded parts.


Through the above principles and characteristics, relevant information about spray cleaning machines can be understood. Nowadays, spray cleaning machines can be used in any industry with different removal solutions and are commonly used equipment.

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