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The through type cleaning machine uses specially designed chains and conveyor belts to transport workpieces, and has functions such as cleaning, rinsing, blowing water, drying, and oiling. As a novel continuous transportation cleaning equipment, the through type cleaning machine manually places the workpiece on the conveyor belt. The workpiece automatically passes through various cleaning rooms for cleaning, and the cleaning solution automatically flows into the return tank. It can be recycled through purification treatment and is equipped with a mist recovery device, which can avoid external pipelines.


The through type cleaning machine has the advantages of multiple workstations, full functionality, reasonable structure, convenient operation, and good cleaning effect. It is of great significance for the cleaning of assembly line parts, improving the working environment, and improving cleaning quality. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various manufacturing industries such as hardware parts, die-casting parts, hydraulic components, gears, bearings, and automotive components.



Before operating the through type cleaning machine, check whether the formula concentration and proportion of the cleaning solution are suitable, and whether the liquid level in the water tank is high enough; Set the electric contact thermometer of the cleaning solution tank and rinsing solution tank separately to 50-60 degrees; Use the key to control the power switch and place it in the open position; Turn on the heater to start automatic heating; Open the floating oil cleaning device to start the floating oil cleaning, so the water pump is not open, the water surface is calm, and the oil drainage function is good.


After the temperature rises to the predetermined value, the operation begins. The operator selects the switch as needed and presses each single action button to activate the water pump, mist suction, transportation, and other functions. After the machine is running, the operator can continuously load and transport the parts onto the conveyor belt at the loading port, clean, rinse, blow dry, output, and remove the cleaned parts at the unloading port.


After the cleaning operation of the through type cleaning machine is completed, when the parts are removed, press the stop button to stop the entire machine. The cleaning solution should be regularly added with tap water and a certain proportion of metal cleaning solution to compensate for consumption, keeping the liquid level at a certain height. If the cleaning effect does not meet the process requirements, all cleaning solutions should be replaced. After cleaning up equipment dust and dirt, turn off the power supply.









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