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网带式超声波清洗机是针对轴承行业套圈零部件、汽车、摩托车、 制冷配件、电器配件等五金行业的清洗。 随着客户对产品清洁度要求不断提高、 清洗产量不断增大,企业自身转型升级、减员增效的管理需要,结合超声波清洗、高压喷淋清洗、内循环烘干等成熟工艺,针对清洗、烘干、防锈等要求,采用稳定的不锈钢网链输送形式,设计网带式超声波清洗组合线。特别适合于五金件成品零件的清洗。

The mesh belt ultrasonic cleaning machine is designed for cleaning hardware industries such as bearing ring components, automobiles, motorcycles, refrigeration accessories, and electrical accessories. With the continuous improvement of customer requirements for product cleanliness and the increasing cleaning output, the management needs of enterprise transformation and upgrading, as well as reducing staff and increasing efficiency, combined with mature processes such as ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure spray cleaning, and internal circulation drying, stable stainless steel mesh chain conveying form is adopted to meet the requirements of cleaning, drying, rust prevention, etc., and a mesh belt ultrasonic cleaning combination line is professionally designed. Especially suitable for cleaning finished hardware parts.


Main structure of mesh belt ultrasonic cleaning machine

采用不锈钢网链传动 ,无级变频调速 ,可控制产 品清洗时间的长短和效率。


Adopting stainless steel mesh chain transmission and stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, the cleaning time and efficiency of the product can be controlled.

针对需要退磁的工件,采用装有变压器油的框式退磁器退磁。退磁后,残磁量≤0.4mT ,保证了清洗效果。退磁器通过油循环冷却+风冷形式,并在机内配备无功补偿,达到降耗的效果。

For workpieces that require demagnetization, a frame demagnetizer equipped with transformer oil is used for demagnetization. After demagnetization, the residual magnetic flux is ≤ 0.4mT, ensuring the cleaning effect. The demagnetizer is cooled by oil circulation and air cooling, and equipped with reactive power compensation inside the machine, achieving the effect of energy conservation and consumption reduction.


According to the needs of workpiece cleaning, process module combinations such as ultrasonic cleaning area, spray cleaning area, wind knife water cutting area, tunnel type internal circulation drying area, oil coating area, and loading and unloading area can be set up.

副水箱有 劳油装置及PH值测试(水基清洗 )、声光提示加清洗剂、 循环过滤系统、加温系统(水基清洗 )、自动液位补偿等功能可供选择,另有CDR油雾过滤器(机械式)废气处理系统可选配,以适应要求。

The auxiliary water tank has functions such as labor oil device and pH value testing (water-based cleaning), sound and light prompt for adding cleaning agent, circulating filtration system, heating system (water-based cleaning), automatic liquid level compensation, etc. to choose from. In addition, CDR oil mist filter (mechanical) exhaust gas treatment system can be optionally equipped to meet environmental protection requirements.

内循环烘干原理:清洗后的工件 自动传送到烘干区域通过风泵产生高压风经一级过滤装置过滤后,风刀对传送中的工件全角度的高温风切吹干,能够彻底 工件内外表面上的水滴。

Internal circulation drying principle: After cleaning, the workpiece is automatically transported to the drying area and high-pressure air is generated by the air pump. After being filtered by the primary filtering device, the air knife cuts and dries the workpiece at all angles with high-temperature air, which can completely remove water droplets on the inner and outer surfaces of the workpiece.


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